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obama, millions of people can't find work. >> wholly inaccurate, clearly misleading, that is what news outlets are calling mitt romney's latest ads, suggesting auto jobs are being sent to china. gm calls romney's ads politics at its cynical worst. >> what you have there are the two latest ads. as you know, tv is only part of this those days. if you turned on your radio lately, you have noticed a onslaught aimed for and against president obama and mitt romney. >> romney as a millionaire who uses loopholes to pay a lower tax rate than nurses and police. romney's plan makes midel class families pay more. $2,000 a year while giving multimillionaires a tax cut. >> and what would you do now if you were barack obama? you would attack with ads spice and what some call unfair and untrue. ads that are, quote, blowing smoke, go too far and supported my more evidence. >> reporter: so they go back and forth and forth and back. the question here is are any voters listening anymore? even though many have made up their minds, they're growing tired of ads from both sides of the race. >> if i sigh see i
obama, millions of people can't find work. and more families on welfare and a record number of americans on food stamps. mitt romney understands business, knows how to create jobs, and get our economy moving. he's done it before, he can do it again. >> paul: james, good message? >> well, i think so. the second half of it was positive and the first half, the secretary of business idea, it's a number of the-- one of the number of signs suggesting that the obama campaign thinks it's losing where they're throwing out ideas late in the campaign as a kind of a disorganized panicked quality and as the ad says, another bureaucracy is not the answer. >> paul: don't we have a secretary of commerce that's supposed to be a secretary of business? >> and we don't even need that one so the idea that we want to add another. who knows? a secretary of business under an obama administration, making sure that alternative energy companies getting more advantage over other types of firms? i mean, yikes. >> paul: my only problem with that ad i think it's a distraction, in the sense that romney ought to be focu
news reports ad campaigning is approaching $1 billion. team romney has outspent team obama $573 million to nearly $400 million. if outside money is taken out of the equation, president obama's campaign has outspent romney's campaign $330 million to $210 million. >>> early voting continues today in maryland, and so do the long lines. in rockville, the line wrapped around bower drive community center. voters say the wait was only about 45 minutes there. but in oxen hill, some say they waited for between four and five hours to cast their ballot. early voting has been extended until tomorrow, and polls will be open until 9:00 p.m. at 5:00, chris gordon tells us why voters are waiting in long lines and voting in record numbers. >>> we've been fighting the clouds and the cold temps all day long. but we might see some sun before this week is out. >> meteorologist veronica johnson is in the storm 4 weather center with an update. hey, veronica. >> hey there, jim and pat. gray, gray, and more gray across the area today. even just a tad, a little bit of wet weather. is that any way to start the fi
. the business who gave president obama $14.5 million in the last election cycle all of a sudden redirecting that money to mitt romney. romney has $18.3 million that he's raising from wall street, and president obama is down to $5.5 million, which is still a ton of money but still $9 million less than he raised last time from wall street. in order to talk about this, etc. bring in an exert. bill cohen. he has best selling book "money and power: how goldman sachs came to rule the world" great to have you again. >> always great to be here. >> cenk: is it that stupid fat cat--i don't mean stupid by president obama but stupid because they have given such enormous weight, oh, calling them a fat cat, is that what ticked them off? financially they should love obama. >> well, you know, that's the irony. he calls them fat cats. he said he didn't want to help the fat cat bankers but he did. yes, the low on the dow was 6500 in march of '09. now it's twice as high, 13,000, what you didn't mention was that obama bailed out wall street without the bailout without the tarp without the trillions of dollars
to imagine 9 million readers reading obama endorsement, 5 million readers reading romney. i have to imagine that ends up as a net plus for obama somewhere down the line. let's just quickly ask "des moines register" political columnist kathy obradovich who might shed light on this. what kind of influence is this for iowa voters? >> well, i have to tell you, i think that the influence of an endorsement at this stage of the game is pretty limited in iowa just because i think there are very few voters left in iowa who have not made up their minds. now, having said that, however, this endorsement was news around the country. it was endorsed -- it was -- i've got international reporters calling us to talk about the endorsement. i'm not on the editorial board and wasn't part of the endorsement. i don't make endorsements of my own. i believe that because this endorsement was a surprise, a. as you said, the register has a long history of endorsing democrats it got more attention than it would have otherwise and maybe influenced people beyond the borders of iowa. >> to kathy's point there, in terms o
that mormajorid probably vote for barack obama. >> u.s. did a poll in august, and a prediction of 90 million will not vote next tuesday. when they ask people who didn't vote, if you had to vote who would you vote for? and i think the number was 43% would vote for obama, and 18% would vote for romney. the nonvoters are easily 2-1 or 3-1 in favor of obama. so the real challenge i think, is this is what i thought. i sent this out to twitter followers and facebook and between my mailing list, i have 5 million people on various social media. i said to all of them today, can you do me the favor? in the next fiver six days, identify somebody who isn't planning on voting and expect them to vote? get them to vote. if we took that as the mission for the next six days. i'll get one nonvoter to vote, and i think that this could add easily another million votes for obama. we don't talk about the unlikely voters, and i would look at this if i were a politician and say, wow, there's 90 million untapped votes there, what can i do. >> let's take a final break. stick around. we'll be back after this. [ male a
below the safe million. >> eric: are you saying that president obama doesn't stage photo ops? >> bob: of course he does. she a politician. >> eric: throw the garbage out -- >> bob: of course. but that doesn't suggest he is not doing his job or fema is not. >> andrea: could this backfire >> dana: not in time for elections people made up their minds already. politicizing a hurricane or any disaster relief is abhorrent. i thought so in 2005. i think so now. you'll close my mouth and be dignified about it. >> greg: have marathon in basement on treadmill hooked up to generators. >> genius. >> greg: i am offering my basement and other places. >> eric: i know you have been concerned with the sodium and soup and size of the soda. can stel marathon. but coming up, four days to go the final jobs report is out and it's almost 8%. will americans give the president four more years where w this many people looking for work? we hear from both campaigns up next. ♪ ♪ >>> we are just entering the final weekend of the campaign. obama rallies are shouting "four more years, four more years." i heard
months, we have seen 5 million jobs in the private sector created. >> obama's figure is nearly a half a million jobs short according to current bureau of labor statistics figures. >> the president said he'd cut the deficit in half. unfortunately, he doubled it. trillion-dollar deficits for the last four years. >> not true. the annual deficit was already running at $1.2 trillion when obama took office. >> reporter: how is fact checking actually done? on the last presidential debate, we watched one of the oldest fact-checking groups do their job. they are called, established by the university of pennsylvania. four members went to work. eugene kiely used to be a newspaper reporter. he covered congress and government for more than 20 years. he is managing this evening's fact checking. been as important or central in this campaign as the economy has been up until recently, there's some material here that we're going to have to research for first time. >> reporter: as soon as the debate begins, kiely starts to type what both candidates say. he comes across figures or comments
spent $11 million to run 17,000 ads. the obama camp dropped $24 million on twice that. nearly 36,000 commercials, according to the campaign media analysis group. >> as of 7:00 tonight, the romney cam main moved to the final 96-hour push. they will visit seven states, handful more than once. pull near all-nighters in order to get the finish line 7:00 tuesday night when the first polls close across the country. >> bret: carl cameron traveling with the romney campaign. the aftermath of hurricane sandy now includes the cancellation of the new york city marathon. public outcry over the city's refusal to cancel the race in wake of hurricane convinced the authorities to reverse course and pull the plug late this afternoon. correspondent david lee miller is live on staten island with the breaking developments. good evening, david. >> bret, you know the starting line for the marathon is here in storm ra advantageed staten island. many people here are pleased to hear the race has been canceled. mayor bloomberg issued a statement that said while holding the race would not require diverting
is offering $5 million if obama w would just releases college records -- >> he doesn't keep sununu in the attic. >> colbyby is right, they put sununu out there regularly. the romney campaign is very disciplined, and t they are not puputting out surrogates or spokespersons who are not speaking what they want spoken. >> the president had a good line when asked about donald trump on the jay leno show. >> the president said, "it all goesack to what we were growing up together in kenya and we were playing soccer and he was not good at i" probably the best line i've hed ththe president delivered in the whole campaign. >> unfortunately people out there say, "c, i told you." we are almost there, we are almost at the finish line could we will talk about that next week. see you next week. >>>> "inside washington" is brought you in part by the american federation ofof government employees, proud to make america work. r more infortion about afge and membership, visit [ mitt romney ] we have to work on a collaborative basis. look, , the reason i'm in this race is there are peop
time. the death toll number and ins on sandy has taken as high as $55 million and president barack obama said new york was a top priority and promised help. amtrak plans to restore service and it is free to ride mass transit today. they are trying to get officials back running and most new jersey is skull shut down. environmentalists say the state may not want to rebuild because of more extreme weather but if they do build they should build behind more walls and 6 5,000 people are still in shelters. >>> a driver who hit two children in the crosswalk, the the accident happened while trick or treating. a 10-year-old and 40-year-old boy were taken to the hospital. it is unclear whether the driver will face charges. the meanwhile officials say a driver was killed after crashing a car on todd road last night. authorities have not said what caused that crash. >>> bart may have a solution for nasty problems. they are trying block wind rain and homeless people on escalators no word on when the protection plan will become reatty. >> definitely people need to be careful out there pam and bri
to several million people could lose power by midnight. president obama had to campaign the stops in florida and ohio to deal with the emergency. he spoke after a briefing in the white house situation room. transportation room is tied up for a long time. friday, the significant impact for a lot of people in addition to flooding will be getting power back up. we anticipate there are a lot of trees down, a lot of water. >> by the shore especially. and the record levels in the eastern shores, delaware and new jersey. president obama is campaign -- canceling the campaign spot tomorrow. the storm is hitting its peak right now in washington. live this afternoon, scott mcfarland, ktvu news. >> we'll be following hurricane sandy throughout the day on ktvu. more on the website and full coverage tonight starting on our 5:00 news. >>> a hearing is continuing for two teenagers while burglarizing their home earlier this month. 18-year-old cody nakozia and christy birdsal are charged with murder and special circumstance of murder during robbery. prosecutors say october 17th, they went to the home of barba
phones. free obama money. >> wealth redistribution. >> $200 million a day on the india trip. >> why doesn't he show his birth certificate? >> we've got acorn, we've got community organization. >> the rapper common. >> global apology tour. >> death panel. >> the obama indoctrination. >> obama brand reparations. >> obama is destroying this country. >> the mosquing of america. >> we're establishing literally a command center for terrorism right at the 9/11 site. >> jon: literally. it is a literal command center for terrorism that we established at the site of 9/11. why would we do that? [laughter] but we did. literally. who would do such a thing, kill our grandmas, brainwash our children, institute shira law, bankrupt the children with $200 million a day travel habits? setting aside that the president didn't actually do any of those things, why would the president do these things? >> the president's a communist. >> this guy is i believe a racist. >> i think he's marxist. >> he's a natural secular european socialist. >> i think he's pro islamist. >> that's mubarak obama. >> hugo chavez obama.
and president obama just ordered 12 million gallons of gasoline sent in the region and new jersey governor issued a executive order rationing gas in 12 counties. it is from staten island and the devastation is very, very apparent. ana? >> it is very true, uma, hurricane sandy responsible for 169 deaths n and 22 of those right here on staten island. it is three hundred yards from the atlantic ocean. in this neighborhood there is not a home not completely destroyed. the business here has been in the family years and years, not only lost his business but home, too. we spoke to residents and town leaders and they were fed up with the red cross and federal government. they say aid is slow to come and begging for food, water and blankets. we have seen national guard boots on ground and handing out information and manning two distribution centers. really trying to get out information for fema as well. new york governor andrew cuomo is pledging 100 million from the state for hurricane sandy victims and said transportation is improving. 80 percent of the subways service has been restored, that is u
that with obama care, they know they are going to lose medicare advantage. there is a million seniors in the state of florida who will lose medicare advantage . president obama and senator nelson whacked away medicare advantage for our seniors and that is concerning and that's why the intensity is up in the state of the florida for republicans. >> in the final days before the election, what is the ground game going to be like? >> get out to vote. we are traveling around the state. i have my bus tour and the romney campaign is focused in the state of florida are getting out the vote and after the election, the story that everyone will be talking about is how well the ground game was done for mitt romney and for me and others to make sure our republican voters get out to the polls, and also independents that have been identified as votes for romney and me. >> i know you have a race going on as well how is your race shaping up at this point? >> it is very good. we feel like we will win by a couple of pointos election day. senator nelson said one thing to the state of florida and done another thing in
.8% is the lowest that it has been since president obama took office. more evidence there have been 5.2 million private sector jobs created in the past 31 months. president obama takes office here and boom the stimulus starts to kick in. 5.2 million. why did the gdp grow more than last quarter? because consumer confidence is at a five-year high. the stock market is near a five-year high. the -- the corporate profits are at a five-year high new housing starts are at a five-year high. foreclosures are at a four-year low. evidence of progress. this is an interesting piece of evidence. the growth of government spending is the lowest that it has been in 60 years, since eisenhower. eisenhower's growth of spending was 3.2%. look at this. kennedy, johnson, carter 13%. reagan george w. bush, obama 1.4%. that is the growth of government spending. now that that you just saw here that is the so-called status quo, progress. so if mitt romney's big change means he is going to skew the tax code in favor of the folks at the top, you can have that kind of change. if mitt romney's kind of chan
that this could add easily another million votes for obama. it is the likely voters in the polls we don't talk about unlikely voters and i would look at this if i were a politician saying there are 90 million untapped votes here. >> amazing statistic. take a break and we will be back after this [ engine revving . ♪ . >>> back with michael moore. breaking news 4 you. we have spaeshl guest on the phone who you said earlier that cnn was trying to kill. ali velshi, welcome. >> piers thank you for your spirit of defense and michael thank you for your concern. i want you to know and i tweeted this to you, michael, cnn didn't instruct me to be anywhere. i did what i could to get the story out as well as we could and this is not our first rodeo. we paid close attention to the safety concerns out there. >> people are watching ali on the screen. this looks like the first hour or two. and you look like you were in to it. i was watching in the fourth and fifth hour. i felt so bad for you. did you draw the short straw here at cnn? who did you upset? and i'm thinking you are such a great business reporter
and washington is in gridlock because of it president obama reminds us that he inherited a terrible economy. it's not what he inherited but with the misguided policies that slowed the recovery and caused millions of americans to endure lengthy poverty. >> eliot: with change in the latest theme for the drive to the white house smith fired back saying, the only ching romney is offering is to take us back to the same failed policies that crashed our economy in the first place. president obama made a similar observation a little more colorfully when he said, kids have have good instincts. they look at the other guy and say well there is a bser, i can tell. president obama is rattled on the defensive. he's running on empty and has nothing left but attacks and insults. with just 11 days ago before election day both camps feel the pressure. likely voters favored romney over the president by one point in a "abc news" washington post. and five points in in the latest gallup tracking poll. an american research poll showed the president with a two-point edge. we should know next week whether the singer me
bonkers this week has been. donald trump offered to give $5 million to charity if obama would turn over what he says are low college transcript rate. and now know all of the things that i thought this guy would go to jail for, it was not tax revagus. >> and here is a claimed video of president obama's birth in kenya. is that this real? it makes the president the first baby to have a birth weight of over 23 pounds. that's a big baby. and then mitt romney appears in defiance ohio. ♪ >> well there you have it meatloaf endorsing romney and so does double cheeseburger. i'm done talking now. ♪ >> jennifer: thanks for joining us here on "the war room," everybody. have a great night, and a wonderful weekend. please make sure you get out and vote if you are in an early voting state, and go tigers. ♪ minute but then it feels grate. good night everybody.
's largest locality. 1.1 million people live here and barack obama won this county by 109,000 votes in 2008. helping him win the state of virginia, we've seen a steady stream of people walking from the parking lot into the polls, today is the last day in virginia and you can vote absentee in person and since every vote is important in virginia in 2012, asking them what it is that's driving their vote. >> and i'm going to school, not around here, so i had to come back for it. and the most important issue would probably be for me, the military and the economy. and what's going to happen with it. >> i think it's really important that we have a president who understands the needs of all the people and isn't just focused on the wealthiest. >> i'm probably going to say jobs, especially with the insurance with obamacare because what they're doing right now is, i just don't think that washington has any comprehension what's going on. >> i want bipartisanship and people working together is my biggest issue. >> my wife is always right. >> so, it's interesting to get their perspective, even though mos
that benefitted from mr. obama's stimulus money help, he blasted the opponent. >> we're the nine million jobs that the president promised. >> reporter: president obama targeted the most loyal supporters without ever leaving washington, courting young voters now on tv. >> we now have to go directly to the source, the colleges and universities and say you have to work on cutting tuition. >> reporter: later, working on the undecideds. >> the major issue in any election, can you count on the purpose you put into office fighting for you, with a clear set of convictions >> reporter: meanwhile, the romney campaign's national co-chair, john sununu, criticized them of using stereotypes. >> how lazy, detached he is. >> reporter: backing away from new comments on cnn's questioning why colin powell endorsed the president. >> when you take a look at colin powell is that an endorsement based on issues, or a slightly different reason for preferring president obama. >> what reason would that be? >> well, i think when you have somebody of your own race that you're proud of being president of the united states
will help add millions of jobs on main street. >> the obama camp feigned shock at romney's disdain. >> this is an idea that republicans should have rushed to embrace when it was proposed on january 13. proposal for smaller, smarter, more efficient government. what is the thing that the republicans supported. >> new "associated press" poll shows by 10-point margin, more voters trust romney to break the stalemate in washington than president. >> how about four more years of gridlock in washington? >> no! >> governor romney's wife ann campaigning alone joining him tomorrow for the final stretch. >> women have been coming up to me and saying please help. women. women are saying we're hurting, all the voices of the americans are out there that need help. the only thing i can tell them is help is on the way. >> three new races show tied in new hampshire where romney has vacation home, and wisconsin, paul ryan's home state and iowa where president leads by six. democrats warn it's closer than that. in colorado, romney has the edge. 50-47. within the rasmussen margin of error. even the gro
president obama and governor romney are harvard law graduates and good family men, when it comes to running a business and getting people back to work, which at least 23 million people are concerned about, governor romney is the man for the job and the des moines register is endorsing governor romney. >> huge in iowa, potentially. obviously completely stuck in the polls, the president seems to have had more people coming out in early voting but the statewide polling in iowa shows romney gaining. six electoral votes, it could come down to a margin of victory in the single digits. this one matters. it's also the case that the des moines register has gotten this endorsement correct in five of the -- all five of the last races. they endorsed al gore in 2000 and he got most of the popular vote. 80s pretty good bellwether. >> we're going to take a look at that in the next hour. the popular vote verses electoral vote. >> who in the office would be able to stimulate businesses, have a plan that gets small businesses back on their feet and therefore you have hiring. do you see that as the most impor
night. right now, we know 2.5 or 2.6 million people in the state of new jersey without power. governor chris christie says it will be eight days at the very least before that power is restored. president obama is coming to new jersey tomorrow to see the devastation firsthand with governor christie along with fema representatives and you know, right now, we can see pictures. we see the pictures of the iconic boardwalk. ripped up and the wood strewn across the streets. we see the downtowns of these communities inundated with sand and ocean water. and of course, we see those shots of the ferris wheel actually on these piers partially submerged in the water. it really is an appear okay apocalyptic scene on the jersey shore. obviously the cost in terms of damage in the billions and that's what fema and the president, of course, will be looking to lend a hand with tomorrow. >> jennifer: t.j., has everybody on the ground been accounted for? >> reporter: well, all i can tell you is that you know, those searches co
voters out there. president obama and governor romney spending millions to get their vote. especially in battleground states. check out this cnn electoral map. the states in yellow are up for grabs. blue are safe for obama. light blue, leaning obama. red, those are safe for romney. light red leaning romney. but what will it take to win over the undecided voters, what do they want to know. "saturday night live" had this take. >> before you get our vote, you're going to have to answer some questions. questions like -- >> when is the election? >> what are the names of the two people running? and be specific. >> who's the president right now? is he or she running? >> in real life, undecided voters sound like this. >> i want there to be continued job growth. >> don't say republican, don't say democrat, just get it done. >> i have not heard anything other than this tough guy rhetoric, and numbers that don't add up. >> it's critical right now, to make the best decision. >> a lot of people need relief, and i'm not too sure the election is going to give it, no matter who gets elected. >> i hop
this is so important right now, in relation to the election is the voting. 90 million americans may not vote next week and your analysis is the vast majority of those, if they didn't vote, would probably vote for barack obama. it could cost him the election. >> "usa today" did a poll in august and prediction of 90 million will not vote next tuesday. when they asked if they had to vote for somebody who would you vote for and i think the number was something like 43% said they would vote for obama and 18% said they would vote for romney. clearly the nonvoters are easily 2-1, 3-1 in favor of obama. so the real challenge, i think -- and this is what i thought because i sent it out to my twitter followers and facebook and all of this and i have gotten about 5 million people on these various social media things. i said to all of them today, can you do me a favor. in the next five or six days identify one person you know who isn't planning to vote and convince them to vote. get them to vote. if we all took that as our mission the next six days i'm going to get one non-voter to vote. i think that th
tonight, we continue with gutfeld mcguirk. donald trump has offered a million dollars if president obama will release his college transcripts and his passport application. >> why do we want to see president obama's college records? >> transparency does that make sense to anybody? >> no. >> bill: what does that mean transparency? >> that means there are so many hidden things that we just don't know about our president. >> bill: what are they? >> i don't know. >> bill: what do we care if we see his college records or not? >> you may learn things about president obama that frankly you didn't know. >> bill: like what? >> i hope that you wouldn't. they have a little line saying place of birth. and i hope he -- i hope everything is perfect. >> bill: where do you think he was born? >> i have no idea. i really have no idea. >> bill: great. so mcguirk what do you think. >> listen, i love donald trump's smash mouth politically incorrect approach. it's stuff like this that makes sarah jessica parker spit up frap pay and chris matthews choke on his dog whistle i like it a lot. efficacy. gentlemen, b
embassy security. they blocked obama on sending a $300 million for embassy security. infrastructure. the president had a jobs bill that provided infrastructure. we all now understand how important infrastructure is. they blocked him on that. climate change. that bill passed the house and was blocked by mitch mcconnell in the senate to begin to do something about this. remember, at the convention mitt romney made fun of barack obama for saying that the tides were rising. well, now we find out they are. >> yes, indeed. jonathan, thanks so much. >>> coming up, team romney sinks to a new low, even for them. >> it's just marvelous to have folks in the entertainment community out there singing and per fortunatelying to make sure people are coming and listening to our message. >>> final for the yours business entrepreneur of the week. seth carney works boston area renaissance fairs, haunted houses, he tells bones, skulls, and other ma could be items. for more, watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn
've had 32 straight months of private sector job growth. that's nearly 5 1/2 million jobs. president obama took us back from the brink of an economic catastrophe. that's leadership. that's a heck of a closing argument and what governor romney is offering doesn't even stand. joining me is krystaal ball and alicia menendez. krystal, will we look back and say that this is the week that decided this election? >> i think we will look back and say this is the week that he sealed the deal. if the president came into this week with a lead in the critical battleground states, he came in with a little bit of momentum, although things were relatively static. but i do think between the response to hurricane sandy, between the way that governor christie embraced him this week, mayor bloomberg's endorsement, the magazine endorsement and then the jobs number today i think sealed the deal. i think it's the critical piece. as we respond as a country to a natural disaster to a crisis situation, we realize ultimately that we really are in this together. we can't go it alone. we need each other. we are brothe
for president obama. around 4 million people over the last four years have left the workforce. >> dana: not only that, let me tell you, which this is where i am today -- misery up to 80%. economic misery up to 80%. if you are president obama one thing we talked about is what would you do in the next four years that would be different from the last four years? that one i have been following this every day closely. it could not answer that. >> greg: one of the surrogates said it isn't time to change course. so what exactly is that time? i guess they're right. it could get worse. but is that a great slogan for obama? obama, i could do worse. when you are lost, generally you stop the car, you turn around. what we need is somebody who can read the map of the united states instead of hugging the globe. >> bob: if you read the map at the united states, you look at three states, florida, ohio, virginia. obama is winning in all three of those states now and by some margin, number one. number two, the job approval rating has been up over 50% now for four months. >> dana: that is not accurate. >> andrea: a
romney would have bailed out the auto industry like president obama did or we would have lost a million jobs. i can't be at that voters care about those issues. they should. >> voters can care about anything they want. but journalists ought to hold candidate accountable. the same is true on barack obama's side. he hasn't been talking lately gay marriage -- >> the reason why -- >> he's -- if he flip flofs four times in a day on pre-existing conditions you hold hoim on it. >> "politico" did a story and "the daily beast," too about the romney transition, how he would govern. do the stories help him by creating a sense of momentum? >> no. as long as they're covering both sides, i don't care. if it's just a story about the romney transition -- >> you don't need a obama transition because he's already president. >> what's john mccain going to do when -- who's going to run the transition? >> nobody was doing three weeks ago what mitt romney was doing -- >> nobody believed that john mccain would be president at this point. people think mitt romney could be. i want to go back -- talked earlier a
super packs have put $4 million into pennsylvania. team obama, only $625,000. for $4 million, jonathan, you want a rate of return better than a utility executive. you want to actually win the race in that state. >> we wouldn't be spending the money if we didn't think that there were real opportunities in michigan, pennsylvania, and minnesota, as well as wisconsin. the real measure here of that's going on, you go back to that politico george washington university poll, the most recent one. there was a 13-point advantage for republicans in voter intensity, in voter enthusiasm. that's what's driving this. you don't get within three points in minnesota or pennsylvania on a whim. there's a real momentum toward romney here. that's why the money is coming in. that's why obama is really playing hard defense right now. >> larry, two things to watch in pennsylvania. in the west, you have the coal country. they're very irritated about the obama administration's regulations. and in the east, you have the philadelphia suburb philadelphia suburbs. romney is strong with republican voters. if suburban
and for strengthening our foundation and my plan creates some 12 million jobs. >> like mr. obama, republican challenger mitt romney will have a full slate of campaign events today. yesterday he was in florida, today he will stump for votes in virginia. >>> nurses plan another 24-hour strike today at several bay area hospitals. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is in the newsroom to explain what's behind it. good morning, cate. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. the issue is the same as the past three strikes reduction in patient care and disputes over contract negotiations. nurses say they will be out picketing as early as 7 a.m. and rallies will start at 11 a.m. this strike will involve 3200 nurses and several hundred respiratory, x-ray and other technicians. it will affect 7 bay area sutter healthcare hospitals. yesterday, nurses spent time prepping for their signs for today. these nurses have been in contract negotiations for the past 18 months. they say hospital management repeatedly misrepresented them. >> you know, for the nurses it's going to be whatever it takes as long as it takes. there's no --
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